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15-04-03 -> Andy Möller has set up a new web site where you can get old versions of a somewhat interesting chess engine (IMHO) See the download section at the bottom of this page.

Not much done recently. College keeps me away from computer chess when it used to be the other way round :-). Anyway here it is, a post-CCT5 version but very closely related to the thingy that got smashed there. More details in changes.txt (yeah, another dirty trick to get you grab the new file)

Big thanks to Thomas Lagershausen, Dann Corbit, Nolan Denson & Denis Grafen for putting pressure on me to release this version (I'm lazy).

Current features:

To do list:

Known bugs/Limitations:


Okay, So you got here without reading all the junk I wrote above! I wish you get a corrupted file from this section :-)

windows logo Pepito v1.59, Windows binary:. Built with Intel C++ 7. There are two executables packed in the zip file (with and without profile guided optimization). Thanks to Juan Ignacio Barbosa for providing them. Both seem to be a bit faster than this MVC7 one (Denis Grafen), though your mileage may vary...
tux Pepito v1.59, Linux binary: Built with gcc2.95.2.
source code Source code: I wouldn't put my nose in here if I were you. You can end up like a mad man, i.e. me, but... you're free to do what you like, aren't you? Bug reports are welcome, bug fixes even more, also chess programming topics, and about basic programming questions... well, depends on the mood.
opening book Opening book Built from 2600u.pgn with maxply=15 and wpct=30. If you already have the file it's probably faster to build it yourself than to download this crap.
old versions Old versions Andy Möller's Pepito page. Includes even unreleased binaries along with ancient (caveat: buggy) pepitos that some may want to collect for historical reasons.

Test suite results

Computer chess links

A moderated discussion forum about computer chess.
Dark Thought's www pages
Site of Ernst Heinz's chess program. Contains lots of useful information on programming computers to play chess.
Jonathan Schaeffer
Active researcher of brute force search methods, this place is definetly a MUST if you're interested in this kind of stuff. Jonathan is the author of Phoenix (chess) and the world class checkers program Chinook.
Dann Corbit's FTP site
Contains tons of PGN games for public consumption, special builds of existing chess engines, CAP data, test suites and lots of other interesting stuff. Dann is with Colin Frayn, coauthor of the chess engine Beowulf.
Thomas Mayer's Newsticker
Mmmm... I'd better speak well from Thomas since he is hosting this site. There you'll find everything related to Winboard engines: updates, reviews, URLs... He is also the author of Quark and a very nice person :-).
Frank Quisinsky's Newsticker
One of our best loved WB dinosaurs :-) The WB community would not have been the same without Frank's work over these past few years. Thanks!
Probably the strongest chess engine you can get for free out there. His author, Bob Hyatt, is one of the guys with more experience in this field (remember Cray Blitz?). And the source code is also available!
My favorite chess program. Dusan Dobes is responsible for lots of my headaches. Phalanx will smash Pepito and whoever gets near by. Source distributed, a bit hard to read though.
Chess engine written by Adrien Regimbald. I recommend the code of this one for beginners. Crystal clear.
Winboard home page
Well, what to say about Tim... he started it all. His cute GUI is the playground of over 100 chess engines now.
Winboard forum
Here you can ask anything about the subtleties of setting up winboard engines to be ready for head crushing (chess playing, I mean). You may also want to take a look at Aaron Tay's excellent Winboard FAQ.
Lancebot - freelance jobs search engine
This is a past time of mine. It searches all major boards around the web and creates a searchable index with their content. If you are a freelancer looking for a gig, here's your web site.
Bipolar symptoms
I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, kind of scary. Those who know me already are aware that I have allways been nuts all along, so it doesn't make a difference at all.

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September 28th, 2001