Here is a collection of snapshot’s made with my video cam during the CSVN-Tournament 2001 from 18th-20th May in Leiden. Our english fellows might not understand the joke “Leiden in Leiden” - Leiden is the german word for suffer - that is the feeling you might have during some games when operating your own program... (But I was told in Berlin that it is not much better when operating another ones program... :)
Clicking on the picture will open a bigger version of the picture - most in 704x576 then. The quality is not that good - well, it was a video cam - but I think you will have anyway some fun looking at them. I am not totally sure with all the persons on the pics so you might correct here some names. Oh well, and there are two pictures which are definitely not from Leiden - who are they, I ask you ?! :) - guesses by mail to

Johan de Koning still not so interested in the game Quark - The King and in the background Gerd Isenberg

Mathias Feist discussing and laughing with Johan

Frank Quisinsky looking on the someway damaged SOS-Hardware

Rudolf Huber in discussion - also because of his hardware - poor Rudolf

What do you think - which program will have such a nice pussycat on his desktop ?!

Vincent Diepeveen (Diep) is - as usual - quite happy... with whatever... :)

Theo van der Storm - organizing the tourney and the website

Albrecht Heeffer is looking what Ant is thinking... will it be good enough ?

Johan de Koning in discussion with Hans van der Zijden (Tiger operator)

S.ave O.ur S.ilicons - still troubles with Rudolfs hardware against Crux...

Erdogan Günes (you MUST have seen him playing... he is soooooooooo fast - incredible !) getting something explained by Mathias Feist (Fritz)

The explaining Mathias Feist - a little bit nearer shot... :)

In the front you can see Leo Dijksman (Quark-Team :) - on the left I think this is Roland Tröger and Roland Pfister at the bar

Laszlo Szalai looking at the rest of Crux pieces and hoping that nothing will hang again...

The camera war with Mathias - I win... :)

Bart Hamstra looking to me - in the background is Martin Giepmans (Spidergirl) and Rink Djotjes (Arbiter)

Vincent Diepeveen awaiting his next opponent...

Bart Goldhorn (Goldbar) is not afraid - his soon does not look as confident. With the yellow shirt is Rudolf Huber in the background

The lonesome cowboy - Frans Morsch (Fritz - is there anyone out there who does not know that ? Shame on you ! :)

Frank Quisinsky & Roland Pfister, the Patzer-Team. On Frank’s face you can always see how well Patzer is doing at the moment... :)

Leo Dijksman & Laszlo Szalai discussing about something - I don’t think it was chess ?!

Albrecht Heeffer and Hans Secelle facing Rudolf Huber and SOS - they might need a special trick to win this...

Hans has an idea... :)

Will SOS beat the Rasta-man ?

Even Theo is laughing... Well, if you hear only the sound of the tournament hall you might think it is something like carneval... or at least a big party... :)

Even Bart Hamstra (Tao) is impressed of Mr Rasta...

Who the hell was this one ? Met him on the camping place or where was it ???

Marcel Veldhuizen and Johan Hutting - 31337 - Team

Rudolf looks Hans deeply in his eyes, shivering that SOS might be afraid... :)

“A little bit Bob Marley please and we can start...” :)

Vincent hypnotizing Diep - or being hypnotized by Diep ?! Or is this love ???? :)))

Mrs. & Mr. Giepmans watching their Spidergirl in action

You remember ? Franks face show us how good things for Patzer are going at the moment... not THAT good...

Frank still not satisfied... (And saying: “Du bist ein schlimmer Finger” ... :)))

Cock de Gorter (chairman of CSVN) gives some last statements

Vincent get’s the price for being 3rd - hey he was really happy... (I would be too... :)

Hans van der Zijden getting second price for Tiger

This field is left blank for unknown reasons...

And the proud winners, Mathias Feist and Frans Morsch

Another one I do not know who he is... (Or I do not want to tell you... :) That’s a tough one I hope...