So well, here is a little photo-collection of this years BELCT - I hope we will have another one next year !
Clicking on the picture will open a bigger version of the picture - most in 640x480 then. The original size of the pictures are between 1024x768 and about 2200x1600 - if someone needs one of them, just ask me. Also I have 128 pictures - so the 52 shown is only a part of them... but you know, webspace is limited... :)

Well, Ingo Bauer phoning with Thorsten where he is... :)

Roland Pfister waiting for the start of the tourney... (And we need much time until we start... :)

Thorsten Czub, declaring the games for opened... or something like that... :)

Andreas Fleischer, the first guest and fan at the tournament “hall” - always smiling... :)

Stefan Knappe, thinking about the next opponent ?

Jochen Peussner and Roland after the first game.

Peter Berger thinking about... hm... what ? Why the hell did he always say: “No pictures, no pictures ?”

Heiner Marxen, laughing about... me ??? Look at the remarkable part of Peter’s nose at the right side of the picture... :-)

Ingo Bauer in the game Yace - Quark... still smiling...

Jochen and Roland directly before starting their game..

Ingo seems to get tired of being all the time flashed by the camera...

Gerd Isenberg also seems to be far away with his thoughts...

An overview over the tournament room.

Stefan Knappe - not so impressed with the game Matador - Bringer.

Peter seems to be more satisfied...

Another guest, Michael Lawatsch, you may know him as the programmer of Grizzly.

Ingo tries to give his full concentration to Yace...

Roland not very impressed by the plans of Patzer ?!

Michael, Heiner & Ingo watching Yace....

Oh Ingo, I have said to you: “You shouldn’t do this” - but well, okay - that’s me... :)

Patzer vs. Bringer just before start...

Gerd Isenberg making some jokes.

Heiner stearing on Tigers eval...

Thorsten in discussion with one of the officials of the university... (I have forgotten his name - shame on me... :)

Ingo studying his unreadable game-sheet... :).

Gerd & Jochen just before the match IsiChess - Neurologic..

Stefan Knappe not fully agreed with his Matador....

Peter Berger again... (before the tourney I thought he must be around 40 or so... well, I believe he isn’t... :)

Another one from Roland - that was already in the restaurant...

Ingo in the restaurant - look at his remarkable red eyes - any wonder why Yace scores so well ?

Discussing and drinking beer, from left to right: Jochen Peussner, Heiner Marxen, Peter Berger, Gerd Isenberg & Ingo Bauer

Thorsten - new paradigm ? :)

And Bob is all around... :)

The red town hall of Berlin.

The Berlin TV-tower... well, that’s really a big one...

We have seen that Hyatt is in different business - Quark too... :)

Me, Marx & Engels - in the background is the old parliament of eastern germany.

Well, some Berlin bears...

The “Brandenburger Tor” - but a model, at the moment the original is getting repaired.

Well, light was bad so this photo is also not that good - anyway, the crew in front of the german parliament. From left to right: Gerd, Roland, Peter, Heiner, Thorsten & Ingo

Well, between those chess games it is really necessary to drink something....

Jochen agrees... :)

Heiner & Roland near to the draw between Patzer & Tiger... At this point it was clear that Patzer will be the draw champ of the tourney...

The ghost game - where is the operator ?

Heiner always with a smile on his face...

Mr. Winboard-Foru m Volker Pittlik - the special guest !

Me and Heiner - Quark was already dead... sigh... :)

Peter Berger just before Bringer draws Rebel.

Gerd and Heiner shortly before IsiChess manage to draw against Tiger.

Roland shaking his price for the “BAP” which means “Bester anwesend er Programm ierer” - in english “Best present programmer” - An official title sponsored by Ingo !

Well, the photo is not as good as I had hoped - anyway, we have from left to right: Gerd, me, Heiner, Jochen, “BAP” Roland, Thorsten, Stefan, Ingo & Peter

Just to get a correct number of pictures, I add this one - who is it ? guesses please by mail to