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                     by José Carlos Martínez Galán


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How to run Averno:

    Averno is designed to run under Winboard. It supports protocols 1 and 2, but it's optimized for protocol 2.

    Averno035.zip includes two files:


    Averno035.per is a personality file. It's meant to contain configuration information. I recommend to copy it to a new file (let's call it MyPersonality.per) and modify it. Averno will use the default settings for every parameter not found in the configuration file, so you actually only need to include those you want to modify.

    I'll write a more detailed explanation on the personality file parameters soon, but for now I'll name the most important ones:


    When you run Averno, type the name of the personality file (without .per) you want to use after Averno.exe. For example (in Winboard.ini):


        “Averno MyPersonality” /fd=c:\chess\averno

How to build a book for Averno:

    Averno uses two book files, one for white and one for black:

    Note that B and N stand for Blancas and Negras, which is the spanish for White and Black.

    To build a book for Averno you will use two pgn files (without comments or variations, just the moves), which names will be:


    Blancas.pgn will contain games in which white plays good chess (I hope!) and Negras.pgn the same for black. Of course, you can use the same file, copying and renaming it.

    Additionally, you can use the signs ! and ? in the games. Place a ! after a move you want the program to play more often, and a ? after a move you don't want the program to play at all.

    When you have your pgn files ready, unzip Av_BookBuilder.exe and copy it to same folder where the pgn's are.

    Run Av_BookBuilder.exe and type:


        ConstruirL n


    where n is the number of full moves to use from every game. Typical is 20 or 25.

    The program will parse the pgn files and build the book in memory. After the process is finished, you must save it to disk. Type the command:




    which will create two files: AvernoB.libro and AvernoN.libro.

    Copy those files to the folder where Averno is.


    Important note: For Averno understands the moves in the pgn file, there must be a blank space after the dot:

        1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6    -    Correct

        1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6      -    Not correct

    This will be fixed in future versions.



Implemented features:


    Averno 0.33 supports all winboard features needed to play, plus:



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